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Better membranes for cleaner water

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Better membranes for cleaner water

Better membranes for cleaner water

ID: F1601-10

A brand new project developed revolutionary membranes. They featured greatly increased surface area and longer working life. In addition, the membrane price per membrane area had been considerably reduced. A nano-filtration coating enables surface water to be filtered straight and used as ingesting water using the help of a low-volume, low-energy filtration process. Moreover, the ceramic material is resistant to fouling, ensuing in lower operating expenses and less time lost for membrane cleansing. The membrane is strong sufficient to help back flushing during cleansing and sterilisation with chemicals or hot vapor. Lower maintenance requirements will end up in less cleansing chemical compounds being needed and therefore disposed of. The membrane can additionally run at low stress thanks to its large permeability and low fouling propensity, thereby saving energy and reducing procedure costs. The method can be used to provide emergency water supply and neighborhood water therapy, as well as for large-scale production of ingesting water through the filtration of surface water. The membrane can additionally be utilized for treating wastewater from specific procedures characterised by high conditions, extreme PH values, aggressive chemicals and/or extreme fouling behaviour.

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